Ecobasik Foaming Soap

March 7th, 2014

Ecobasik Foaming Soap


This is a great bathroom product.  I use it for shaving, hand washing, even in the shower.

I no longer need to buy shaving cream. I just press down the nozzle and put some on my hand, no need to splash water on my face first as with normal shave cream.  Put it straight on the face. It’s a bit strange at first as you can actually see yourself,  not  being  covered in cream like you’ve been swiped with a lemon meringue pie.  A quick rinse of the blade and start shaving. When finished, rinse off like normal.

When washing your hands put straight on hands, rub them together as normal, then rinse off when finished.  Great if you’re on tank water or need to cut down your water bill.

Best thing is, the soap is no more expensive than what is sold in supermarkets.

Plus it made from all natural ingredients so has none of the dangerous stuff you get in some of the other flowing soaps on the market.

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