Long Hot Summer

March 11th, 2013

It’s been an interesting and frustrating few months in which I’ve moved home twice. The house in which I’d lived for 12 years was sold and I had to move and get rid of 12 years accumulations. I was only in my new place two months and had to move on again finally ending up in a new place in the country although only 10 km from the East Coast Bays. With internet access down for several days with both moves it has been frustrating at times but now everything is up and working and its a pleasure to wake in the morning to se the mist lift over the lake and the Pukeko squabbling amongst each other as they usher in the day.

Lovely Lisa has agreed to keep an eye on the facebook page and will keep it up to date, so if you have any questions ask her and she will pass on to me those she can’t answer.

With the long hot summer we’re experiencing sunscreen is an absolute must, we have plenty of the Oasis natural sunscreen in stock, both in the 60ml bottle and 250ml tube. Its SPF30+ and in used by climbers on Mt Everest so it is good. We also have Rhino Repair for rejuvenating your skin that may be suffering from the extended great weather. There is also a great selection of Tui Balms for soothing arts of the body that may have been over extended in the hot weather. Have a look through the website and see what you like or need.

Finally if you’re on tank water like me, you’ll be watching the car get grubbier by the day. Around this neck of the woods, finding a rain cloud has the same odds of winning lotto as the weather doesn’t look like changing anytime in the near future.

Stay cool and stay safe.


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