February 4th, 2012

Scammers are improving from the old days of the Nigerian scammers promising you millions of dollars for helping them extradite money from accounts of people conveniently killed in car accidents or by insurrections. I must have turned down millions by not taking advantage of of the lotteries I won by not even buying a ticket. And there’s the employment opportunities where all you have to to do is bank some cheques for an overseas company and take a percentage for your troubles. Great idea until you get a visit from the FBI or Interpol and are charged with money laundering.

However there is a new one coming out of China which on first reading seems plausible. A “so called” domain name registration company tells you that there is a company in China that wants to register your domain name with a China or Asia suffix and they are giving you first opportunity to take advantage by registering ahead of them. As my domain name “Red Rata” is quintessentially New Zealand, I was puzzled until I did a Google search of the company wanting to register my domain and found it was part of a worldwide scam which even if they only got a couple of hundred dollars from each person fooled it could mount up to a tidy sum. Some of these scammers have a short memory as after being told what to do with their offer, it is repeated a couple of weeks later.

Finally we have those local triers, who claim to be using your name long before you registered it. However as they never registered the name, this is where they fall down especially when the name has been registered for several years. A good reason for going through the legal formalities, you have the rights and they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Hope the summer gets better.


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